Once upon a time there lived a little boy from the city of Juarez, Mexico who was taken into a journey that would forever change his life.  Fast forward 30 years and a plethora of music exposure later; one can see, but most importantly HEAR the ever evolving result of what was once that little boy.

Known for his unique, sexy, energetic sound, Edgar J (previously known as DJ Juarez) is one of the most popular and sought-after DJs in the Midwest party scene.  May it be the 2012 Red Bull No Limits New Years, the Cazadores Tequila Cinco de Mayo Fiestas, or competing in the Midwest DJ Throwdown, finishing as one of the top 3 best DJ’s in the Midwest; there are no bounds to the various events he embarks in.  Most recently being invited to join the internationally recognized BumSquad Dj Crew.

Edgar J is known for breathing new life into the true “Open-format” scene with his distinctive sound eclectic in nature.  Never to be monotonous, Edgar J’s sets are different every time, bringing a new journey and experience for the audience every instance he is on the decks.  His connection with the music transcends that of a normal DJ by completely captivating the hearts and souls of his audience and taking them on a voyage into musical ecstasy.  Great sound, great beats, that’s where you’ll find Edgar J…..
Get Ready!