August 20, 2011

DJ Vice @ Teddy’s Room

Let me start by saying that in the entertainment industry we work in, egos are a reality that unfortunately exists.  Having said that… there exists some DJ’s who, regardless of their popularity and big name status, are still grounded, humble, and just plain cool people.  DJ Vice is definitely one of those DJ’s.  Last night at Teddy’s Room in Dallas, TX he was headlining the night.  As soon as he walked in you could feel the casual cool person he is.  Shaking hands with whomever approached and chatting up a storm with all of us.  DJ skills aside (cause we all know he definitely has them), Vice is a cool kat.  His set that night was awesome to say the least.  Just by saying that three songs into it, he had to club going bananas.  All in all, last night was a much needed night out with the buddies, it was awesome meeting some new people and most importantly catching up with DJ Vice.  Much respect to Vice for the work he puts in and the time he takes to appreciate everyone around him.

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