August 20, 2011

Napkin Notes

Gotta Love Napkin Notes

So another succesfull and fun night out at Cougar….errr…I mean Cool River.  This place never ceases to surprise me how an older crowd can sometimes party harder than a young crowd.  They love to dance like nobody is watching and drink like there is no tomorrow.  True Party People.  Now as far as the picture is concerned, I just thought it was funny because as a DJ…one has to be ready for all sorts of criticism and praise during the night.  Most of the time, this is expressed through the use of the all powerful Napkin Note.  This one in particular reassured me that I was doing my job as a DJ and not as a Jukebox.  Why yes lady, I AM cutting the cool songs about half way in.  Duh!  Now turn that frown upside-down and get back out there and dance just like everybody else is doing.  :-)

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