August 12, 2011

TGIW !!!

Holy mother of sweet baby jesus!  Last Wednesday’s Rock Island Live 4 turntable set with the homie DJ Carbon was on some other level.  The night started off nice and simple going with some good ol’ hip hop…and I mean GOOD hip hop, not commercial crap.  But as soon as I was called out for dropping Mann’s Return of the Macc track, did the night really begin…and it was only 10:15pm.  I will admit, I did not plan on playing that track but as I was running out of time I just dropped it in.  All I could see is DJ Carbon looking at me like … Really?!  LOL   I promptly switched it out and mixed in the Mark Morrison’s original.  From there on out it was ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!  I have to say that I vibe with DJ Carbon and I think that is what makes DJ’n with him extremely fun.  We did a 4 turntable set like it should be.  Not playing sets throughout the night but instead actually mixing in and out of each others music throughout the night.  Well, to keep this post short, I will sum up the night.  Fear not as I will update you readers with a more in depth play by play once I get the recording of the night uploaded for your ear luv-making pleasure.  Basically:  Daft Punk scratch set (sounded like we practiced it for months but it was impromptu), live freestyle rap by DJ Carbon on the mic while I blended the music, live hip-hop performance, and (even though I’m not a Dubstep fan) a cool as hell Dubstep set between DJ Carbon and I.  People loved it and we had a great time, can’t ask for much else.  Much love and thanks to DJ Carbon for having me out again.  I can’t wait till the next one….

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