November 1, 2011


This is one of my favorite celebrations of the year!  Not just because it’s an excuse for females to dress provocatively in public, but because it’s an excuse for me to dress provocatively…errr…I mean it’s a chance for me to put on a costume and let my inner kid out.  My procrastination caught up to me this year but thankfully I keep all my costumes so even though I don’t like doing this, I will admit I recycled some old ones.  Phantom of the Opera, Deadmau5, and Droog (Clockwork Orange) were the ones I went for.  The Deadmau5 one was the biggest hit.  I basically kept getting stopped to get pictures taken practically every 5 mintues.  This year, my buddy DJ Mighty Mike dressed up as the Party Rock Shuffle Bot, so you can only imagine the hit we both were when walking together and DJ’n together.  Friday at Six Lounge and Saturday at Hangar wearing those heads, we were the center of attention not only for wearing them but because we were DJ’n with them.  Very enjoyable Halloween marathon weekend … now time to detox my liver and start planning next year’s costume.

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