September 30, 2011

DJ Serafin @ Haven

DJ Serafin @ Haven (Austin)

DJ Serafin @ Haven (Austin)

Oh what a night!  When you have to start a conversation or in this case, post… you can only imagine the shenanigan’s that must of happened.  I remember meeting DJ Serafin very briefly during 2010 WMC in Miami at a Crooklyn Clan after party.  Very cool dude back then, willing to take a photo op without flinching.  Fast forward one and a half year later and our paths crossed once again.  Sept. 24th he drove down with DJ Ebonix from Houston.  Picked both of them up from the hotel and headed downtown to get the night started.  DJ Ebonix was spinning at Suite 101 while Serafin was at Haven’s grand opening around the block.  It was his first time in Austin so after parking we all walked around the downtown area showing him around a bit.  Night progressed to shots and drinks at Suite101 to start it off.  Eventually making our way to Haven, only to find out how badly the opening DJ was burning Serafin.  Yeah, I’ll say it cause we were all thinking it.  Even non DJ’s were making statements about why the opener was playing the hot songs so early.  But that’s neither here nor there, a good headliner can roll with the punches and keep going regardless of the opener’s poor and unthoughtful song selection.  As I stated before, a good DJ can keep going un-phased and Serafin is such a DJ.  Needless to say he rocked the party like a true professional.  Jack bottle in hand we partied like 1999!  As a DJ he was very technical and definitely knew how to read the crowd.  Very fun and anitmated, I really enjoyed his show.  He projects a fun energy to his audience which only makes them party that much harder.  Having hung out with him I can say in and outside the club, Serafin is an uber cool guy.  Much respect to his hustle and his skills a s a producer/DJ.  I’m proud to be able to call this guy one of my DJ friends.


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