October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs…wow, where to begin?  I don’t think I can do him justice with my little blog.  What I can do is pay respects to a great visionary that not only changed a lot of people’s lives through the products he helped design but also influenced me as an engineer.  Steve Jobs was one of those few visionaries that saw things beyond the box, not just outside of it.  There is a reason why many companies to this day are still playing catch up to the various products he helped design.  He understood that it wasn’t just about making things look pretty and that it wasn’t just about putting the biggest engine in to make it go vrooom.  He understood that it took both ideas working in unison.  That synergy creates a product that is powerful and is still easy to use.  In order for consumer technology to move forward, it should be able to be used by everyone, not just the Nerds.  This is a concept he understood and applied to everything he worked on.  Simplicity and efficiency is key.  Thank you Steve Jobs for inspiring me to not just be a lemming designer working within the boring box and instead to push the boundaries in engineering/design and always look ahead of the curve, not just follow it.  Thank you for making me into an Imagineer, not just an Engineer.  Rest in Peace.

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September 16, 2011

To Jump or Not To Jump Ship?

Never thought I’d be asking this question.  But then again that’s exactly what I thought back in the day when I rocked a Blackberry.  Innovation is a good thing and as much as one thinks that their current gadgets are the best that can be, there will always be another bigger and better thing.  The key is to find what works for you.  I’m not the sort of person that always gets the newest and best thing out.  I always do my research and eventually weigh the pros/cons to decide on what will work for me best.  Having said that, I feel like I’ve come across a fork in my cellphone road.  After my trusty and reliable Blackberry broke, I decided to give Android a shot.  Eventually deciding on the Nexus One.  Google’s first original, completely open phone.  The Nexus One is the best phone I’ve used to date.  Completely satisfied with the Android OS and superior hardware.  But due to recent carrier disappointments …*cough* T-Mobile *cough* … I am on the verge of switching providers.  Adding to that the fact that the US has a closed mobile phone mentality (CDMA vs. GSM + Different Frequency Spectrums….that is another rant I wont get into) I will be required to choose a new phone.  So  here lies my dilemma.  Stick with Android or switch over to the much anticipated Apple iPhone5?  Stay tuned for a complete break down on my decision and a complete review of whichever device I decide to go with!

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